Android Application

For you or your users to access your Locks, you will need to install the android application from the Google Play Store

Get it on Google Play

don't worry though, if you share a lock with a user that doest have the app installed already they will be taken to a page to explain how to install the app and get it all setup.

What about other Platforms:

I have been considering creating an iOS app, but there are som financial constraints to consider, I'd also like to gauge interest, if youde like this please tweet at me @eliotstocker


Whilst we make every effort to add security measures where-ever possible, it is important to be aware that the purpose of the application is to share direct access to control your locks, this may mean that in the case of any security breach your physical location could be at risk, we do not store or interact with your locks in any way, all software is installed directly on your smart hub and the users mobile devices, LockShare and its developers can not accept any responsibility for any unauthorised access to your smart hub, lock devices or physical location. The software is provided as is with no guarantee or license.