Hubitat Server Application

The Hubitat application is the server for your LockShares, this is the only place where data about your locks and users is stored

you must install this before you can begin sharing locks.

How to Install:

The recommended way to install the hubitat server application is via Hubitat Package Manager

Search for LockShare, and install all components, this will the allow you use the app from the Add User App popup in the Apps menu

once you have added the main LockShare app click New LockShare User to create a profile, one the profile is created you can navigate into it to detup for advanced options and get the unique share code to setup the app.

I Don't Have Hubitat

I have been considering creating a version for smartthings, if that is something you are interested in, please tweet at me @eliotstocker


Whilst we make every effort to add security measures where-ever possible, it is important to be aware that the purpose of the application is to share direct access to control your locks, this may mean that in the case of any security breach your physical location could be at risk, we do not store or interact with your locks in any way, all software is installed directly on your smart hub and the users mobile devices, LockShare and its developers can not accept any responsibility for any unauthorised access to your smart hub, lock devices or physical location. The software is provided as is with no guarantee or license.